Alison Hunt, MSW Psychotherapy, counselling, supervision
Truro, Cornwall

Personal Approach
I work with clients having difficulty negotiating life's challenges, where a crisis, or breakdown in existing ways of coping, has led to the development of addictive behaviours, stress-related problems, depression or anxiety. It may be the end of a relationship, the death of a parent, or perhaps struggles in parenting your own children, that lead you to seek a space in which to explore past history and current coping strategies. Or there may be more fundamental, ongoing issues concerning identity, sense of self or sexuality that need attention.

I work to identify, activate and strengthen people's own internal resources. As well as exploring the origins of behaviours that have become self-defeating, I also work in a practical way, focussing on current coping strategies, support systems, and improving one's life and well-being in the present moment. Body/mind/emotions/spirit are interconnected, and attention needs to be paid to each, in order to re-establish and maintain balance in our lives.

Areas of Specialism:
I specialise in the treatment of substance and process addictions (including compulsive debting, overspending, sexual addiction, and addictive patterns in relationships. I also have training and experience in working with clients with eating disorders, and their families). I have many years of experience in working with people at all stages of the journey of recovery from addiction, particularly those who have stopped the addictive behaviour(s), and now find that they need professional help to deal with the underlying issues. My approach complements the 12 Step philosophy.

Much of my work is ultimately concerned with the development of identity and sense of self, in the face of what may have been (and can often continue to be), invalidating experiences. I have a particular interest in, and experience with, the crisis of identity and the 'coming out' process for gay men, and how these experiences can relate to the development of addictive processes.

I adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework and Professional Code of Conduct.
I am an Advanced Practitioner member of Addiction Professionals (formerly the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals)

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